BA (Hons) Acting Programme


Audition Fees:
These fees act as both an administration fee for processing your application as well as a non- refundable deposit for a place on an audition day. Should you need to rearrange an audition date, the Academy operate a discretionary policy of no more than three date changes Рafter which a further administration fee may need to be charged.

Marketing/Administration Fees of Acceptance:
As Italia Conti is a member of Drama UK (previously CDS), the refunding of this particular fee is set by them. Currently this is a refundable deposit but at the Academy’s discretion – usually approved if requested back within 14 days, so long as the Drama UK deadline has not and will not pass with in 7 days of ¬†the request to refund.

This policy is subject to change according to Drama UK and our validating university’s membership/association agreements.

For further information, please email: