BA (Hons) Acting Programme

Year 3

The final year concentrates on preparation for the profession through a series of live and recorded performances. These take place in our in-house venues, London fringe theatres and there is an annual agents’ showcase in a London West End theatre. All work is undertaken in “as professional rep” circumstances of rehearsal, auditions and meetings. A distinctive feature of this year is the opportunity to work on a long form film project, professionally produced and directed, which provides every student with solid exposure to filming practices, and high quality material for their own marketing and show reel purposes.

All students present their own work as either created performance or written research dissertation, encouraging independent and professional working practices in the development of their own work. The priority for this year is to encourage each student’s capacity to engage with the profession in multiple ways, maximising their employability.

‘Pornography’ by Simon Stephens, Directed by Dan Bird – The Avondale Theatre

Professional Preparation and Career Development

Throughout the third year student actors are provided with a range of workshop, seminar and tutorial sessions to ensure their entry into the industry is fully informed.

Advice and guidance will be given regarding the development of vital self marketing skills, including building a portfolio of professional photographs and CV’s.  There are also a range of mock interviews and meetings, with detailed feedback provided on presentation and technique.
A number of mock audition sessions will take place covering sight reading for stage, television and radio as well as the more traditional testing out of songs and pieces under professional audition conditions. These will include actual auditions for the Carleton Hobbs Radio Competition and the Wanamaker Festival at Shakespeare’s Globe.

A number of working professionals will be invited to conduct the above as well as representatives from bodies related to the industry, Equity, Spotlight, Casting Directors and agents. We maintain a high degree of contact with recent graduates to provide comprehensive introduction to the industry at all levels. A high level of personal support is offered to encourage independence, self awareness and confidence in our graduating actors throughout this year and beyond.

‘The Angry Brigade’ by James Graham, Directed by Dugald Bruce Lockhart – Sheridan Studio

‘The Angry Brigade’ by James Graham, Directed by Dugald Bruce Lockhart – Sheridan Studio