BA (Hons) Acting Programme

Year 1

The student actor needs a firm understanding of the core principles, which support a successful performance. The 1st year introduces the student to the principles behind Stanislavski’s system of physical actions as interpreted by a range of 20th Century and contemporary practitioners such as Uta Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Declan Donnellen, Sanford Meisner and Max Stafford-Clarke. Through improvisation and work on a range of texts the student acquires the tools and knowledge necessary to create an emotionally and psychologically credible characterisation. As the student moves through the 1st year they are exposed to increasingly complex theatrical texts and genres which requires continual adjustment or augmentation of the core principles. Dedicated classes in acting for camera allow the student to acquire an understanding of the skills and terminology associated with Television and Film Production.

Each term students undertake a group project. Project work encourages the integration of acting, voice, movement and singing skills and enables the individual to develop his or her process within a rehearsal and performance experience. Typical projects might be:

• Devising project using world stories
• Chekhov
• Shakespeare

Emphasis is placed on the inter-dependence of acting, movement, voice and singing and consequently there is a significant amount of team teaching at all levels. Reflection, interpretative and analytical skills are encouraged through contextual studies in which students are encouraged to evaluate their own work as well as that of others.

‘Jumpers For Goalposts’ by Tom Wells, Directed by Chris White – Sheridan Studio