BA (Hons) Acting Programme


BA (Hons) Acting Programme

Welcome to the BA (Hons) Acting Course. The Course you have embarked upon is essentially a vocational course whose principal aims are to provide a comprehensive acting training, and to equip graduates to work in the acting profession. It is also a degree course offering successful graduates a Bachelor of Arts with Honours qualification.

Much of your work on this course will be dedicated to vocal and physical training, and to the exploration of a range of techniques for creating and developing character, and for working flexibly and responsively in the space. The modern actor is not just a puppet who regurgitates lines and moves for an audience, but a creative artist, using his/her inner resources to create truthful fictions, and constantly seeking new ways to communicate both physically and vocally. Part of the course will teach you to be original and individual in your work, to reinvent old techniques and develop new ones.

The Italia Conti Acting Programme does not seek to mould young actors to any one method or system for acting. Rather it tries to make available to its students the widest possible range of ideas and training methods, so that each student may begin to construct a personal way of working, whose development will continue throughout their life. The Course also aims to produce flexible performers who can work in as wide a range of styles or media as possible. Having said that, the course does have underlying theories of training and performance, as well as clear philosophies about the roles of drama in society, which permeate the teaching.

Course Structure

‘The Children’s Hour’ by Lillian Hellman, Directed by Aoife Smyth – Avondale Theatre

The programme is organised in a modular structure, with various modes of assessment. It is through performance that the ability to integrate and apply acting, voice, movement and singing skills is measured.  The holistic nature of acting means that this form of assessment is most appropriate, and so performance assessment is embedded throughout the programme modules at every level.

In level 1 the curriculum focuses on the acquisition of technical skills, such as acting, voice, movement and singing. Rehearsals for projects allows students to put the techniques they have learnt into practice. This very technical 1st year underpins the 2nd year where more time is given over to rehearsal and project work. In the 3rd year technical classes take place on Mondays only with the rest of the week given over to rehearsals for public performances. All productions, live and recorded, receive voice, movement and singing input as required. In addition students are given career advice and support through the Professional Preparation module.

Career Prospects and Industry Links

You will be taught by a team of industry specialists who have extensive experience of the audition processes used by both professional theatre companies and the country’s leading drama schools.  In addition all of the Academy staff are successful professional practitioners (actors, directors, dialect coaches, movement directors) with excellent industry links.  We also work very closely with leading casting directors and theatre agents.

Italia Conti graduates populate the performance industries and include, Gabrielle Anwar, Lynsey Baxter, Tracie Bennett, Russell Brand, Jennifer Brooke, Noel Coward, Karla Crome, Jamie Davies, Letitia Dean, Barbara Ferris, Karen Gillen, Jamie Foreman, Linzi Hately, Patsy Kensit, Matt Lapinskas, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Lesley Manville, Hans Matheson, Lisa Maxwell, Daniel Mays , Martine McCutcheon, Anton Rogers, Julia and Nadia Sawalha, Lucy Speed, Nina Toussaint-White, Tracy Ullman.

The Libertine @ Oval House by Greg Goodale_797

‘The Libertine’ by Stephen Jeffreys, Directed by Martin Berry