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Interview with Kate Dolan – Spotlight Nominee 2015

Interview with Kate Dolan – Spotlight Nominee 2015

How does it feel to be nominated for the Spotlight Prize?

I am absolutely gobsmacked to be honest. I’ve been following the Spotlight Prize since Faye Marsay won it and have always thought it was such a fantastic opportunity but I never imagined for a second that it would be me getting up there. I have a very supportive year group and I am so overwhelmed in the belief that people have invested in me. I hope to represent my year and the school in the way they deserve.

What do you have planned for the night and what preparation have you done?

I am doing an adaptation from Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please! Specifically from a chapter called Plain Girl VS The Demon. Reading this book was quite a journey for me and in this chapter she talks about your demon voice and things you say to yourself in your head when you are feeling a bit insecure that you never normally say aloud. She describes a boy telling her she was ‘funny but not that pretty’ and takes the piss out of herself continually saying ‘I have a great face for wigs’. Well my god did that resonate. I connected to this and I know so many others will too, that’s why I wanted to tell this story.

What have you enjoyed most about drama school?

I CAN’T DECIDE. There are so many wonderful memories from the three years I am actually so pleased the Spotlight Prize is three days before my last day so I can really drag it all out! I will be so sorry to go and it has been amazing. Highlights would be our second year song share as it was a big achievement for a lot of people. Getting our show up to Edinburgh and surviving the week with a LOT of injuries! Laughing, all the time. Crying, all the time. All of the shows. Solo Story in first year where everybody placed a lot of trust in each other to create a personal piece of theatre. I have enjoyed growing as an actor and watching my peers develop and grow. I’m very proud of the year and all we have achieved and I’m proud of myself for getting here. Writing all this I am feeling very lucky and emotional about leaving, darn you Spotlight!

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